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Write-off Check
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Stolen Check
Factory Recalls
Finance Check
Odometer Check
Registration Details
Price Valuation Analysis
Visual Damage Report
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We provide a copy of the official PPSR certificate with every Carify Report.

What is PPSR?

Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is a registration of properties collected in the Australian Government database. It is what all vehicle buyers should obtain before purchasing the car. By doing so, you will protect yourself against buying an encumbered vehicle, but there are also other benefits.

Unique carify features

Carify offers most innovative vehicle report.
Carify checks all recalls

Safety Recalls

Carify checks for not only Takata airbag but all the other manufacturer recalls.
Visual vehicle damage report

Visual Written Off Damage Report

Understanding damage locations as easy as pie. No damage codes, just pictures!
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Free Automated Finance Updates

We will automatically check for security interest status changes 6** times in a day for 14 days and send you an email if there is an update.
Carify Visual Damage Report

Visual Written Off History

The only visually presented damage details on the market.
What's written off check?
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Market Comparison

Carify report helps you to compare a car you are thinking of buying with other similar vehicles in the market, in terms of both price and the number of kilometres travelled.
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Carify odometer comparison

Why get a PPSR check?

Conducting a PPSR search, you will be provided information on the history of the car. When you are considering on purchasing a car, you would want to know if the car is a reliable car. For your own safety, you should know the status of the vehicle that you are potentially buying. For example, if the car has been written-off, stolen or encumbered.
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Write-off Check

1 in 12 vehicles were recorded as an insurance write off*
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Stolen Check

In 2018, 53,564 vehicles were stolen in Australia**
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Finance Owing

1 in 5 vehicles has outstanding finance recorded***
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1 in 10 vehicles has open Takata airbag recall.
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Market Research

Get insights!
Find out what's current price and odometer levels of identical vehicles in the market.
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Check REGO details.

What's in Your PPSR Check Report?

A REVS (now PPSR) check allows you to check the history of the vehicle you intend to purchase so you can buy with confidence.

Finance Owing

  • Secured party organisation name
  • Contact name, details and address
  • Encumbrance history records
  • Secured parties details
  • Contact information

Stolen Status Records

  • Stolen VIN details
  • Jurisdiction reference number by state
  • Stolen report date
  • Theft by plate number
  • Engine theft info

Official PPSR (previously REVS) Certificate

  • All of our vehicle checks come with an official PPSR Certificate generated by the Australian Government

Visual Written Off Damage Report

  • Understanding damage locations as easy as pie.
  • No damage codes, just pictures!

Water damage check

  • Is the vehicle you want to purchase marked as water-damaged?

Takata Airbag and Other Safety Recalls

  • Takata Recall Status
  • Factory Recalls

Registration Details

  • Plate number
  • Registration state
  • Registration expiry date

Vehicle Details

  • VIN
  • Engine number and type
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Vehicle body type
  • Vehicle colour
  • Compliance plate details
  • Year of manufacture

Australia-Wide Results

  • Western Australia (WA)
  • Queensland (QLD)
  • New South Wales (NSW)
  • Victoria (VIC)
  • South Australia (SA)
  • Tasmania (TAS)
  • Northern Territory (NT)
  • Capital Territory (ACT)

Why do I need a PPSR Search?

Without a PPSR Search, you will be at risk of purchasing a car that has a loan attached to it. If that happens, your car may be taken away despite the money you have already paid. In other cases, the finance holder may transfer the debt to the new owner of the vehicle; which means that you will be the person paying off the debt.

How to Get a PPSR Search?

Obtaining a PPSR Search is easy and simple. You may order one from Carify or other online services. All you need is the REGO number or VIN number of the car, a valid credit or debit card, and an email address.

What do I Do After Getting a PPSR Search?

As with any detailed report, it is important to read the document. Here are some things that you should check in the PPSR report:

  • Does the car have finance owing on it? While this may seem bad, paying for a percentage of a car may make the deal worth it. For example, if the owner is asking $5000 for a car that is worth $15000 and it has $4000 owing on finance, that is not necessarily a bad deal.
  • Has the vehicle been written off? This may make the vehicle hard to insure, as often insurers will not insure a car that has already been devalued. It is best to check with an insurer before continuing with the sale.
  • Has the car been stolen? When the car was stolen, you would not know what has happened to it before it was found. To be safe, ensure that the car is carefully inspected by an auto mechanic.

So before making any payments for a vehicle you should get a PPSR Certificate to protect yourself against fraudulent transactions.

Free Updates:
*The search is not executed again. Updates only include security interest changes and don't include a new report.
**Carify will conduct checks in every 2 hours from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM AEST every day for 14 days.