Manufacturer Recalls & Service Campaigns

Check whether your car has been recalled in seconds before purchase.  All you need is the Rego or VIN, and we can provide you with a report.

Carify reports contain crucial details of your future car. Our vast database covers detailed information of Australian vehicles including not only the Takata airbags but all the other manufacturer recalls.

What are Manufacturer Recalls?

Manufacturer recalls, also known as safety recalls, refers to when a vehicle is found to be below safety standards.  Owners of those vehicles are notified to bring the vehicle to the manufacturer or local dealership for modifications. 

Why is it Important to Check Safety Recalls?

The primary reason why you should inspect the recall history of your vehicle is SAFETY. When any part of the vehicle is below safety standards, it increases your risks on the road. All recalls are equally important to address. No matter how insignificant a particular malfunction might look, it can seriously damage the surrounding parts and cause more significant problems. For example, an A/C drain hose malfunction can lead to the failure of other electronic components in case it starts leaking. 

Vehicle owners will usually receive an invitation to take the vehicle to a local dealership to examine and fix it if necessary. However, not everyone takes care of such matters. Some people are too busy, while others might not have seen the notification. 

Carify keeps track of all the latest updates for millions of vehicles in Australia. If a vehicle is due for recall, it will be highlighted in our car history report.

Before you make a purchase, find out whether the car is safe or needs to be fixed.

What Kind of Manufacturer Recalls Does Carify Check?

We update our database from numerous sources including government departments, instance companies and automotive industry data suppliers. Carify reports cover a broad range of outstanding AND completed recalls. Please see our sample car history report.

One of the well-known recalls is the Takata airbag. Millions of cars were affected by this airbag fault. However, besides Takata airbag recalls, Carify also detects many other manufacturer recalls and service campaigns.

Our systems checks for recalls and service campaigns such as:

  • Airbag
  • Steering control
  • Brake failure
  • Brake fluid leak
  • Transmission
  • Fuel leak
  • Fuel pump failure
  • Defective fuel delivery pipes
  • Sunroof leak
  • Speed sensor malfunction
  • Software issues
  • Incorrect placement of spoiler mounts
  • A/C drain hose malfunction
  • Crankshaft position sensor malfunction
  • Door harness wires damage
  • Transmission fluid leak
  • DC/DC converter malfunction
  • Spark plug fail
  • Ignition coil overheating
  • Electronics short circuit
  • Power Window Master switch

The list goes on as thousands of parts can malfunction with any manufacturer.