Questions & Answers

Purchasing Carify Reports

What is a VIN?
Where do I find the VIN of the car?
What if the VIN isn't 17 characters long?
What do I need to purchase Carify vehicle report?
Can I still get a Carify report if I only have the plate number?
Can I get a Carify report if I only have the chassis number?

About Carify Reports

How long is a Carify report valid for?
What if the information of the report does not match with the car I requested?
How long does it take for the report to come?
Can’t find the vehicle even after entering the VIN?
Does Carify provides reports on other kinds of vehicles such as trucks and motorcycles?
What does Carify report include?
What does Carify offer?
What is PPSR Certificate?
What is financial encumbrance?
How long would the removal of a financial encumbrance take?
What does written-off mean?
What if the car I searched is a stolen car?
Can I get a Carify report for a car that I am selling?
Can I get a Carify report for a new car?
Can I get a refund if the Carify report I received is almost empty?
What if the data on my report is inaccurate?
Why do I need to provide the vehicle’s odometer reading when ordering a report?

Privacy and Security

Why do I need to provide my email address and postcode when ordering a report?
Where does Carify find all the information?
Is it safe to do a credit card transaction with Carify?

Technical Issues

What if I ordered a report, but still did not receive it after a few hours?
What if I cannot print my report?
What happens if I lost internet connection before I get to open my Carify report?
What should I do if I forgot the details of my login?
Can I view a Carify report or invoice that I purchased before?