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Market Comparison: Get the best deals on used cars

Market comparison is a great feature of Carify as it helps you determine which car offers the best value for your money. Making a smart purchase is always important when buying a used car. As a serious buyer, you need to arm yourself with information that will make it easier for you to get what you want without spending time and money on a vehicle that will leave you in regret. 

What is market comparison, and how does it help? 

Market comparison is the process of comparing prices and stats for identical cars on sale. It gives you insights into current prices and odometer levels so that you can make an informed decision about which car to buy. 

Market comparison can help you determine whether a particular automobile's price, condition, or features are comparable with your preferences. With Carify, you can get information such as vehicle history reports, value estimates for specific makes and models,  and average trade values calculated from recent sales data in your area, among others.

CARIFY Market Comparison Features

Carify’s market comparison feature will let you know if the price of a potential purchase is too high or too low compared to other cars in your area with similar mileage and years on their plates.

  • Score card: this indicates whether your vehicle has a higher or lower odometer usage than average.
  • Price visual comparison: a graph of the price range for the particular make and model, and shows where your vehicle sits.
  • Odometer visual comparison: a graph of the odometer range for the particular make and model, and shows where your vehicle sits.

With Carify report, you can compare a car you are thinking of buying with other similar vehicles in the market, in terms of both price and the number of kilometres travelled.  In other words, you get a snapshot so you can see how much you should expect to pay based on recent sales data in your area, while also getting an idea of your potential saving opportunities.

At Carify, we've created a user-friendly tool that provides online reports, making it easier than ever before for people like you to find your perfect used car. All our reports include everything from odometer readings so that you know how many km's have been put on the car, all the way down to prices so that you'll get an idea of how much cheaper or more expensive it might be than other identical vehicles in the market

Make smart decisions and get the best deal on your next purchase.