Rego Check

Vehicle Registration Number Plate Check

What is a Rego Check?

There are different ways to obtain a car registration check such as getting one from government websites. A rego check will provide you information of the searched vehicle’s registration. However, a simple rego check can only give you limited details of the car. You will only know about the registration but none of its history. If you need more information then purchasing a detailed car history report is much better, especially when you are purchasing a vehicle.

Why do I need a Rego Check?

It is very important to perform a registration check on any car that you drive. Even if you have been shown current registration papers, it does not mean that the vehicle’s rego is current because it can be cancelled at any time for a variety of reasons. In Australia, it is the responsibility of the driver, not the owner, to make sure the vehicle they are driving has a current registration or they may face severe fines. By conducting a registration check, you will protect yourself from facing these penalties.

The Difference between a Rego Check and a CARIFY report

A car registration check provides limited information about the vehicle when compared to a car history report. If you want more details than just information on the vehicle’s registration, you may want to get a car history report from CARIFY or other online services.

Do I need a Rego Check if I have a CARIFY report?

No, you don’t. By having a CARIFY report, you are already provided with a Rego check together with a PPSR certificate of the searched vehicle.

What happens If I Buy a Car without Rego?

When you buy a car with no valid rego, you will not be able to drive it before you complete a registration. The simplest way is to organise a tow truck to collect your purchased vehicle and deliver it to where it needs to be. Another option is to apply for an unregistered vehicle permit, which allows you to drive the unregistered car for a short period. However, it cannot be used as a replacement for a full registration.

When you purchase a car without rego, you should organise the vehicle to pass an inspection and have it registered as soon as possible. This will reduce the possibility of fines, as police scan rego plates for current rego as they drive past.

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