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Japanese import cars are the most common targets for odometer tampering. Over 1 in 5 Japanese import cars have at least one collision history recorded.

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Why do you need to check Japanese Import Cars?

Odometer rollback is a very common issue when buying a Japanese imported car in Australia. Japanese import cars are the most common targets for odometer tampering. 

When Japanese used cars are imported to Australia, buyers often repair and repaint them, and some internal parts would be changed.
While some sellers do the right thing, some sellers wind back the odometer to increase the price. 

If your car or potential car is a used car and was imported from Japan, there is a high risk that the odometer is tampered. Learn the car’s history and true value by getting a Carify Instant report.
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Features of Carify Instant Report for Japanese Import Cars

Reported odometer

At Japanese auctions and in Australia, and flags if the odometer reading is unusual.

Reported auction dates & locations

Some vehicles have been in more than 1 overseas import auctions, Carify report shows information from all of those auctions.

    Accident history in both Japan & Australia

    Carify checks for both Japanese and Australian accident history records.

      Vehicle SOLD price

      Finish price at Japanese auctions and last reported price in Australia.

        Original condition sheet & vehicle photos

        from all overseas import auctions

          Condition grade

          Grading of the vehicle shown in the auction sheet from Japan to indicate the car’s condition before it was imported to Australia.
            *All information subjects to availability

            Unique carify features

            Every Japan import car check includes Carify's innovative car history report and official PPSR certificate.
            Carify checks all recalls

            Safety Recalls

            Carify checks for not only Takata airbag but all the other manufacturer recalls.
            Visual vehicle damage report

            Visual Written Off Damage Report

            Understanding damage locations as easy as pie. No damage codes, just pictures!

            Why get a PPSR check?

            Buying used car raises lots of questions. Carify car history report has the answers
            A written-off car icon

            Write-off Check

            1 in 12 vehicles were recorded as an insurance write off*
            Stolen car check icon

            Stolen Check

            In 2018, 53,564 vehicles were stolen in Australia**
            Finance owing car icon

            Finance Owing

            1 in 5 vehicles has outstanding finance recorded***
            Car safety recalls icon


            1 in 10 vehicles has open Takata airbag recall.
            Car market research icon

            Market Research

            Get insights!
            Find out what's current price and odometer levels of identical vehicles in the market.
            Car registration icon


            Check REGO details.

            Market Comparison

            Carify report helps you to compare a car you are thinking of buying with other similar vehicles in the market, in terms of both price and the number of kilometres travelled.
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            Carify odometer comparison