Visual Written-Off Report

See Where the Damages Are

No codes, just pictures. Understanding damage locations becomes as easy as pie. Carify offers the only report that shows written-off status with clear, easy to understand graphics.

What is a Written-off Report?

A written-off status indicates that the vehicle is significantly damaged to the point that it is no longer safe to be on the road nor is it cost-effective to repair. The damages can range from hail storm damage, flood damage, collision to a total loss. 

There are 2 kinds of written-off status: 

  • Statutory write-off: This indicates that the vehicle is damaged extensively to the point that it becomes unsafe to be repaired, and is unable to be road registered again.
  • Repairable write-off: This indicates that the vehicle can be repaired, assessed and road registered again. However, the cost to repair the vehicle will likely cost more than its market value. 

Carify Features

Understanding conventional written-off reports can be difficult since they are presented as codes on PPSR check reports. Carify’s visual written-off report makes everything easier by showing:

  • Incident type: This will tell you whether the damage is caused by impact, water, fire, hail and Malicious/Vandalism/Stripped. 
  • Damage severity: This shows whether the damage is heavy, light, mechanical or unrepairable.
  • Damage location: Each location is visually shown and highlighted instead of damage codes.

Previous damage can impact the value and safety of a vehicle, especially if it hasn’t been repaired properly. When you are purchasing a written-off vehicle, learning what exactly happened and where the damages are will help you make a more informed decision. At Carify, we make the process easier for you.