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Guide to Purchase a Car from Home

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One of the greatest things about current technology is that you have the ability to buy almost anything from home.

Many car dealers are listing their vehicles on the various online car yards you can find with a simple google search.

Looking for cars online is a fantastic way of gauging the marketplace, and you won’t need to deal with any pushy salespeople.

But what happens when you want to buy the car you like the look of? You’ll probably need to go down to the sales yard and take a look, right? Well, in some instances this is changing, as many dealerships may offer to deliver a car to your home or business.

However, this means that you’ll need to do a few more steps in to stop yourself from buying a lemon. Here are our tips for buying a car from the luxury of your own home:

  1. Find a model that suits your purpose - look for a car that will fit your current lifestyle: How many people do you need to drive around on a regular basis? Is the car petrol or diesel? How much do the services cost?
  2. Look for the car in online marketplaces - when you have an idea for the type of car you need, you can use that to search online car sale databases.
  3. Research the value of the car - knowing what the average price for the vehicle you choose can help you avoid places that are trying to get more than it is worth, and show you what a bargain might be.
  4. Choose the vehicle you like and order a history report - when you have narrowed the car down to a few likely suspects, use Carify and order a history report to check for anything out of the ordinary. This can whittle the choices down to just a handful.
  5. Check for Recall notices - check the model against the recall database, and then ask the dealer if any outstanding recalls have been repaired.
  6. Ask the dealer to send photos or videos - dealers will usually upload photos of the vehicle, but there is nothing stopping you from asking for a few more. Make sure to cover the inside of the vehicle and the undercarriage. Try to get a video tour of the car in question, get them to start it up so you can see how it sounds. You could also arrange for a virtual meeting where you can ask the dealer questions as they walk you through the car.
  7. Ask about an at home test drive - many dealers are willing to give you an at home test drive where they drop the car off at your residence for a day and you can drive the car and get a real feel for the car. If they don’t offer this you should go to the dealer for a test, as it’s very important to see how the car handles in real world conditions, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  8. Find out if they will deliver the car to you - ask the dealer if they are willing to deliver the car. More often than not they will agree as they are trying to make a sale, and this is a minor inconvenience for them.
  9. Ask what their return policy is - there are rules that state a dealer must offer a warranty on vehicles, however these differ from state to state, you should ask the dealer what they are offering with warranties or returns.
  10. Negotiate a price - factor in everything you know about the car and make an offer. As long as you have reasons for offering the price you do, the dealer should accept it, or at least counter at a reasonable price. Once you agree it’s time for some paperwork!
  11. Fill out any paperwork at home - get the paperwork sent to your home and fill out everything that’s necessary. If the dealer can meet at your home, everything can be finalised on the spot.
  12. Take the delivery of your new car - this is the good part! The dealer gives you the keys and you take final possession of your new car!

It doesn’t matter if you are buying the car from the comfort of your own home or visiting the dealership, or meeting someone at their home for a private sale. These steps should be followed for any purchase.

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