Trailer VIN Check

How to Conduct a Trailer VIN check?

Conducting a trailer VIN check is as simple as doing a vehicle VIN check. You may use CARIFY trailer VIN check service to get a report and PPSR certificate, or you may use other online services. To get a trailer VIN check from CARIFY, all you need are the following:

  1. VIN number
  2. Valid credit/ debit card
  3. An email address

Where do I find the Trailer VIN number?

Any trailer made after 1988 has a VIN plate attached usually near the towing point, and it should be very easy to identify. For any trailer made before 1988, they will have a chassis number usually stamped on the underside. 

Why do I need a Trailer VIN check?

Trailers are just like cars. Trailer theft is reasonably common in Australia. They can be stolen, written-off or encumbered. Without a trailer VIN check or PPSR, you may end up buying a trailer with debts attached to, and have it taken away despite the hard-earned money you have paid. You may also put yourself at risk of future accidents. There is a reason why insurance companies are reluctant in insuring written-off vehicles, including trailers. It is always safer to know what you are dealing with before you commit to a purchase. So before buying a trailer, you should do a trailer VIN check in order to avoid unexpected troubles.