How to Find the Accident History of a Vehicle

When looking at an advertisement for a car it can easy to look past the history of the vehicle and just see what is presented in front of you. You need to know is that people are going to make their car look its absolute best, and unfortunately this can mean not exactly being truthful about the car’s history.

How many accidents has the car been in? Have any repairs not been correctly fixed? These are all questions that you need to have answered in order to make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase it.

Getting a Car History Report

Getting a car history report is as easy as filling out a short online form and paying the application fee. To get a report, all you need to have are the car rego, an email address and a valid credit/debit card. From then it only takes a few minutes to generate the report.

Carify reports are used every day by insurance agents and car dealerships, we have access to a detailed database that houses the reporting of vehicle accidents and repairs Australia wide. It is one of the best ways that you can ascertain the true history of a car.

What Does the Accident History Show?

It will demonstrate if the car has been involved in an accident and it provides you with a comprehensive summary of the damage sustained and when the repairs were carried out. It includes accident caused by collision and natural causes (flood, storm, etc).

With the details contained with in the document, it allows you to make an informed decision on the purchase of a car. It can be used as a negotiating tool, or to determine if the owner is telling the truth about the vehicle, or if they know the true history of the vehicle.

In Carify’s report you’ll find details including:

  • The date when the accident occurred
  • The type of accident
  • The point of impact
  • The severity of the damage
  • The number of accidents occurred

The Benefits of Having the Accident Report

  • Assist in negotiating a fairer price for the vehicle
  • Support your claims that a vehicle has had no accidents in the past
  • Finding out the true history of a vehicle to ensure your safety

If there haven’t been any accident claims made against the car, it means you are looking at a car that has been properly maintained and probably driven with care.

If the report comes back with a few items listed, this doesn’t mean that the car is no good. Rather it gives you information about the history and how the car has been handled, some people are just unlucky and as long as the repairs were competently carried out it does not rule out the car as being a worthwhile investment.