How to Avoid Accidents in the Car Park

It has been shown that about 20 percent of car accidents happen in car parks. This shows that being careful when driving around car parks is very important. The most common car crash happens when one person is reversing the car out of a spot. In Australia, it has been concluded that any accident involving someone reversing, that person is at fault. So here are some tips to increase your safety while driving or parking in the car park:

  • Reverse Parking

Nowadays, with reversing cameras and obstacle detectors being installed in most new cars, it has become much easier to reverse a car. The vision offered by these cars is outstanding, but it can reduce your awareness, especially parking in a dark car park. You may forget to check the sides of the car if you are just expecting the alarm of the car to tell you that you are hitting something soon. Always keep a lookout, use the cameras as the tools they are intended for but not as your eyes.

  • Stay in your Lanes

Treat the car park like a road because the road rules still apply. Keep to the left and give way when it is required to do so. Be polite to other drivers and don’t rush to get that last spot. Don’t drive over empty car spaces, use the lanes for what they were intended.

  • Choose Where you Park

Avoid parking near other cars. If you have to, pick a car that has been looked after. This will reduce your risk of getting car dings and scratches.

  • Don’t Drive Around for Too Long

If you use the same car park regularly, you should have an ideal place to park. Get there as soon as possible. Don’t drive around the car park looking for a better spot. It is as simple as the longer you are in the car park, the higher your risk of having an accident in there.

  • Avoid Parking near Trolley Bays

These areas are high risk spots for door dings and scratches. People generally do not care about ramming trolleys in and leaving them to roll all over the place. Avoid parking near them at all costs.

  • Drive slowly

Be patient, take your time and drive slowly in the car park. Even though you may be following the rules in the confined space, that does not mean that everybody else does. Be prepared and give yourself time to react to people doing the strangest things. It may avoid you from a number of car crashes.

Reverse Parking Steps

Knowing how to reverse park can save your car from getting into unnecessary car crash in the car park.

  1. Drive just past the spot you’d like to use.
  2. When your car is around halfway past, start turning your steering wheel to the right.
  3. Drive forward slowly and the tail end of your car should start to point toward the spot.
  4. Put the car in reverse and start turning the wheel to the left.
  5. Swing the car about slowly until you are vertical, then continue backing into the spot.
  6. Keep an eye on you mirrors and judge the distance between the cars on your side.
  7. After you have finished open the door and check you are within the lines. If you’re not pull out and make the adjustment to your parking.

What to do If You Have a Car Accident

We are humans, we all make mistakes. If an accident happened, KEEP CALM and do the following:

  1. Move your car to a safe spot.
  2. Check to see if the owner is present.
    1. If they are – get as many details as possible and take photos of the accident.
    2. if they’re not - leave a note with your details, record the details of their car and take photos.
  3. Call emergency services if anyone is injured.
  4. Contact your insurance company and they will advise you of what to do next.