Purchasing Carify Reports

VIN is the Vehicle Identification Number. It is a unique 17 characters combination that is alphanumeric, however it does not include 'I', 'O' or 'Q'.

There are a few ways to find the VIN of the vehicle:

  • The windshield and door jam on the passenger’s side
  • The registration label of the vehicle
  • The insurance and registration documents
  • The build plaque in the engine bay

When you enter the VIN, make sure it is correctly entered. We would not want to provide you the wrong information!

While entering the VIN, make sure that it is the correct number. It should be 17 characters long with no letters ' I ', ' O ' or ' Q '. If the number you found does not have 17 characters, check again to ensure that it is the right number.

If the VIN still does not match the length, it is possible that the car is a pre-1989 vehicle because VINs were varied from 11 to 17 characters long prior 1989. Since Carify only provides reports on vehicles that have a 17 characters long VIN, as a result, information reports on vehicles manufactured prior to 1989 is limited.

Ordering a Carify vehicle report would need two things:

  1. The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or REGO (registration plate number) of the vehicle
  2. A valid credit card

Yes you can. Although the VIN is the primary identifier of vehicles in our system, you can also use the registration plate number to get a report.

No. Carify system uses VIN as a primary identifier. However, with a chassis number, you are able to request a PPSR certificate. Good luck on you search!

About Carify Reports

Reports provided by Carify present the latest information from our diverse database of the time when the report was requested. The vehicle would only be claimed yours after you purchase it. As a result, in order to avoid misunderstandings on the credibilities on the vehicle, you should purchase your Carify report on the day you plan to buy the vehicle.

It might be an error of the VIN entered, or in a rare case, the VIN has been used on vehicle rebirthing. When such abnormalities are encountered, please submit an inquiry to support@carify.com.au for further investigation.

Carify generates reports normally in seconds. However, due to the large amount of data in our system, it may also take a few minutes to accumulate our reports for you. If the report is still not ready after a few minutes, do not worry! We always send requested reports to the provided customer email as soon as they are ready. Reports are also available for up to 90 days after purchasing through customer’s login. If there is an error while processing the requested reports, you will be refunded. So you are safe with us. But do us a favour so that we can improve our system! When the error happened after another try, let us know by emailing support@carify.com.au

Nobody is perfect! There may be times that we would not have a match of the vehicle you are searching for. In this case, find and select the vehicle you are looking for in the drop down box. We will then be able to confirm the details and provide you some information of the vehicle. For example, its fuel consumption, fuel type, safety ratings and environmental ratings etc.

Yes we do! Via Carify, you can search for all vehicles that are registered in Australia, regardless of states and territories.

Carify report provides:

  • A PPSR Certificate (Personal Property Securities Register)
  • Written off check - If the vehicle had been damaged or not (e.g. burnt, car accident, flooded, hail damaged)
  • Finance check
  • Registration information
  • Stolen status
  • Descriptions of the vehicle

SECURITY! Simple as that. With a Carify report, you will know the history of the vehicle of your choice. Purchasing a car can become problematic if you do not make a thorough check. You may end up buying a car with a debt attached to it or a vehicle with hidden damage from a previous accident. Via Carify, you can reach all vehicles’s history if they are registered in Australia regardless of states and territories.

Don’t risk it! With a CARIFY report, you can decide which car to buy confidently, and that it is worth the amount of your investment. Would you take the opportunity to know better or not?

A PPSR Certificate is a Personal Property Securities Register Certificate. It is a credential check authorised by the Australian Financial Security Authority, which provides information on any financial obligation against the vehicle searched. With a PPSR check, you will know if there is any registered financial encumbrance attached to the vehicle you want to purchase. The certificate includes information such as the vehicle recorded, the interest holder, the interest type, as well as the date when the interest was recorded. If the vehicle was stolen or written-off, it will also appear on the certificate. For more information, visit www.ppsr.gov.au

A financial encumbrance on a vehicle means that there is a loan attached to it. To avoid potential inconvenience, we suggest that you ensure the encumbrance is removed before you buy the car.

The amount of time required to remove a financial encumbrance depends on the efficiency of the interest holder in informing the PPSR. The granter should also contact the finance company to make sure the request is passed on to the PPRS. It would take time for the PPSR to process the request as well. Therefore, we suggest you to request a proof of repayment from the seller in order to make sure the encumbrance has been removed before you buy the car.

When a vehicle is written-off, it means that the vehicle has been through severe damages. There are 2 types of written-off vehicles:

  • Statutory write off
  • Repairable write off

Statutory write off = cannot be re-registered.

Repairable write off = can only be re-registered when the vehicle is repaired and passed the written-off inspection, as well as the safety certificate inspection.

The followings are conditions of written-off vehicles:

  • Fire damage
  • Hail damage
  • Water damage
  • Refer jurisdiction
  • Impact damage
  • Dismantled
  • Malicious damage
  • Unrecovered theft

If it is a stolen car, we would suggest doing more research before buying! Inquiries of stolen vehicles should be addressed by the state police.

Of course! With a Carify report showing the quality and the value of your car, potential customers would be way more confident to purchase!

Sorry, Carify only provides reports for used vehicles.

Carify’s database is consisted by many sources to compile car reports, which means the data in the reports are depended on third party sources. If you did receive a report that is partially incomplete, please login through Customer login again after a few hours. The reason for that is that one of our data suppliers may be unavailable at that time. If the report is still almost empty after a few hours, please contact us via support@carify.com.au and we will refund you fully.

If the data presented on your report happens to be inaccurate, please email us via support@carify.com.au together with your proof of evidence on the inaccuracy. After we revised the genuineness of your request, you will be fully refunded.

Privacy and Security

Your email address will be used to send a copy of your report and your tax invoice. Providing your postcode and email address will allow you a secure login. A link will be sent to your email. Your report will also be visible through your personal login.

Providing odometer reading (optional) enables us to make sure that the seller of the vehicle you are searching for did not change and wind back the vehicle. It will also allow customising your report to the age of the vehicle.

The Carify database is compiled from various sources such as automotive industry data suppliers, insurance companies and government departments.

Yes. Carify does not save the information of credit cards or use the information for any other purposes. You are safe with us! For more information, you can visit our Privacy Policy.

Technical Issues

For this matter, please email us via support@carify.com.au.

Carify reports are retrievable for up to 90 days after purchased. Simply use your Customer login and you will be able to retrieve your report. We also email our reports and tax invoices to your email address provided during your purchase. So check your inbox to view your report!

Carify sends all reports to the provided email addresses together with the tax invoice. Your report is also available in our system for up to 90 days after purchased. You can reach through Customer login. So check your inbox or login to Carify to view your report when you are connected again.

Carify always emails customer’s login details to the email address provided when purchasing a report.

You will only be able to view a previously purchased report, as well as that particular invoice within 90 days after the date of purchase via Carify website. The report and invoice will be removed after this period of time. This is to avoid providing outdated information.