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Carify Report checks for:

Write-off Check
Takata Recall Status
Stolen Check
Factory Recalls
Finance Check
Odometer Check
Registration Details
Price Valuation Analysis
Visual Damage Report
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We provide a copy of the official PPSR certificate with every Carify Report.

Unique carify features

Carify offers most innovative vehicle report.
Carify checks all recalls

Safety Recalls

Carify checks for not only Takata airbag but all the other manufacturer recalls.
Visual vehicle damage report

Visual Written Off Damage Report

Understanding damage locations as easy as pie. No damage codes, just pictures!
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Free Automated Finance Updates

We will automatically check for security interest status changes 6** times in a day for 14 days and send you an email if there is an update.
Carify Visual Damage Report

Visual Written Off History

The only visually presented damage details on the market.
What's written off check?
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Market Comparison

Carify report helps you to compare a car you are thinking of buying with other similar vehicles in the market, in terms of both price and the number of kilometres travelled.
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Carify price comparison
Carify odometer comparison

Why get a vehicle history check?

Buying used car raises lots of questions. Carify car history report has the answers
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Write-off Check

1 in 12 vehicles were recorded as an insurance write off*
Stolen car check icon

Stolen Check

In 2020, 39,400 passenger vehicles were stolen in Australia**
Finance owing car icon

Finance Owing

1 in 5 vehicles has outstanding finance recorded***
Car safety recalls icon


1 in 10 vehicles has open Takata airbag recall.
Car market research icon

Market Research

Get insights!
Find out what's current price and odometer levels of identical vehicles in the market.
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Check REGO details.

Why choose Carify?

Here's why customers choose Carify.

No hidden charges

At Carify, we believe in fair trade. We do not charge for what we do not provide. If there is no need for a full report, we will only require you to pay a minimum rate.

Affordable with maximum information

At a reasonably low price, we provide good quality car history reports that will help buyers and sellers make smart decisions

Vast database, reliable and up-to-date

We have a data bank that covers a great extent of Australian automotive history. We regularly update our database from numerous reliable sources including government departments and automotive industry data suppliers

Leader of innovative reporting

Our innovation lets us provide easy to understand reports that are presented through graphics. We give you a visual damage report plus a graph of a vehicle’s odometer range and price range.
If you want to learn more about our pricing and compare us with the market, visit our dedicated Why choose Carify? page.


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Free Updates:
*The search is not executed again. Updates only include security interest changes and don't include a new report.
**Carify will conduct checks in every 2 hours from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM AEST every day for 14 days.